Fxscalper is proud to introduce the easiest way to earn long term passive income with no upfront investment that can be withdrawn daily. Affiliates can now create a free account and earn lifetime rebate commissions generated with any investor who signs up under their unique affiliate link.

How is your affiliate program different?

What makes our affiliate program one of a kind is that 100% of all commissions is generated from actual trades where rebate is already earned. Multi level marketing and similar forex affiliate programs charge a monthly fee in order to make profit on your referrals. With Fxsalper this is never the case as there is always profit being generated through rebate and there is nothing to buy in order for residual commissions to be earned. This allows affiliates to have more stable, predictable, long term passive income.

With 99% of retail traders losing money trading Forex, the fxscalper affiliate program is a genuine way for you and your referrals to earn life changing daily profit. You can feel good knowing that you and your clients are actually making money! See the most common fxscalper affiliate program questions below.

How much can I earn?

For any deposit that you personally make you get $8 per lot. Lots are divided equally between investors and are proportional to your balance. For example: if there are 10 investors with $100 each and 10 lots are made that day each investor would earn $8 for the day.
For any investor that you refer through our affiliate program you make $3 per lot on their investment. You are not taking away from that persons $8 per lot, they will make $8 and you will make $3.

How long does it take to see profit from my referrals?

Referrals are tracked solely through your unique affiliate link. Referrals must sign up using your link for you to get credit for their investment. As long as this is done you will see profit from referrals immediately once they start trading.

Where can I get my affiliate link?

Create an account on our invest page. Once logged, click on affliate and you will see your affiliate link to post and use which will give you credit for all investors that signed up underneath you.

Where can I advertise my referral link?

Anywhere you want. Some popular examples are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you�re own website/blog. It�s a good idea to use a shortened url service like bitly so your link is masked.

Who pays me and how often?

The following business day, your affiliate commission is generated and is available to withdraw or reinvest through your account.

I still have affiliate questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us via our CONTACT us page. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

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